Monday, November 6


I can't sleep. So I've been listening to frog songs, the only sound breaking the stillness of the wee hours of a summer morning. I'm praying and looking for my Lord. He's quiet. So I ask Him offhandedly, "Are you with us?" Sometimes my soul groans with longing for Him to break the silence.

Just as the words cross my lips, I glance into the northern night sky and witness the sudden appearance of what becomes the most elaborate display of Northern Lights I've ever seen.

I know I should feel something: some definitive "Wow! God's really with us!" But it isn't that sort of moment. He just keeps unfolding more lights and more patterns; beautiful green slashes and ribbons and glaciers of light. He's playing wildly and deliberately with His Heaven. I dare to believe, so briefly, that He is performing for me alone.

He is bigger than my understanding, with ways too mysterious and astonishing for my limited intellect. He is often silent. He is always creating.

Is He with us?
Ask Him.
Beyond all
Words too confining
To capture your restrained Glory
I catch my breath in fear
Of a Maker so wild, so contained
Clouds whispering the reaches of
The Face of God
Light dancing to the Song of its' Creator
Beyond all
Words too confining
To capture
Your boundless, restrained Glory

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