Monday, November 2

I's comin' back for ya'. Don't you never give up on me.
~ Chicken George, ROOTS ~

Don't ever give up on me. Raw need, longing, hope, fear.

What if we never gave up on each other? On our mate, our sibling, our friend? What if they never gave up on us?

Faithfulness without flinching.

Don't give up on the one who's hurting you; the one who's driving you nuts; the one who's wrong.

Just don't.


Linda said...

I love that! It seems not too many people are that committed! Like there's always something you could do that might turn them off forever. But I'm so mixed up anyways, I don't know, it could happen, I will do something wrong...

Anonymous said...

You never know what can happen if you stay faithful, even when everything seems to be falling apart.