Monday, October 5

I Asked Forty Women

What gives you goose bumps? A thought-provoking question from Trina, right? You puzzled over this, describing goose bumps as "thoughts" and things that pop up when you're inspired, moved, frightened. Most of you struggled to answer in a definitive way, but some of the answers themselves will give you goose bumps, for sure! Here's what some of you had to share:

 when someone tells you they're pregnant - instant goose bumps for them!
 really, really good singers.
 walking in the early morning after a night of rain showers. (It) makes me shiver with delight and (I) imagine that the fresh scent of rain I'm smelling is one more gift from God saying, "I'm here. This is for you."
 when I'm studying and researching, and I find out some well-hidden, oft-overlooked tidbit of information that gives me a glimpse of who someone really was, how they thought and what they dreamed. It's fascinating, and I feel privileged when I'm allowed that peek into the heart of someone who has gone before me.
 hearing the ways God answers prayers. (It) just makes Him seem so real and so close when it's something so tangibly answered.
 stories of strange, unnatural coincidences. You know those stories that can't possibly be true but are? Especially the good stories....they make you BELIEVE!
 a cold wind
 fear
 intimacy
 freedom from everything (the only time I felt this and had goosebumps was when I jumped out of the airplane at 3500 feet).
 the thought of moving out of the city with my family and having a house on a piece of land away from all the people.
 when my son says “I love you mom!” with that big smile on his face.
 seeing the delight in the eyes of my grandson as he relates the details of an adventure he had while camping with his Dad, his brothers and his Grampa.
 listening first hand to everyday, sometimes 'humdrum' living experience come to life (that) propel me forward into a better frame of mind.
 when I'm doing something I know is wrong (more often than not, gossiping). *sigh*

 standing on the beach in the dark, watching the full moon glimmer on a glass top smooth ocean, and realizing again, and again how great our Creator is.
 a kiss from my husband.
 certain emotional, heart touching songs.
 seeing my dad's handwriting since his passing.
 exceptional live music
 Watching someone succeed
 When I hear stories about animals or little kids being tortured for somebody's fun.
 when I sense that God is doing something I never expected and I am watching it unfold.
 when someone speaks a truth or revelation about something they see (God) doing in or through themselves.

And finally, "Watching a CF18 fighter jet fly over my head at close range, and the split second pause of the sound to follow."

Goose bumps!

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