Thursday, September 10

I Asked 20 Gals a Question

I asked twenty women, “What makes you smile with contentment?”
They replied,

 When I see two old people in their 80's, married 60 plus years and can see they totally love each other.

 A hot, clear, sunny day -- especially at the beach

 A crumb-less kitchen floor, or counter, or table

 Bills paid

 Fresh sheets

 Soft toilet paper

 Reading

 Good conversation

 Psalm 119

 Solitude

 Family home together and safe

 Answers (and eating) after a day of prayer and fasting

 Smarties...I don't mind if they do melt in my hand, I can lick it off.

 Brunch with a friend

 Sitting on my mom-in-law's deck having my morning cuppa

 Meals I don't have to prepare or clean up

 Children playing together...nicely

 Anything that turns out well

 The end of a great work day

 A good meal made for company

 A song that I've written and enjoy singing over and over

 Sometimes it involves people...but other times it's a solitary thing

 Reading a book before bed

 Listening to CBC radio chatter

 Discovering a new place to walk or drinking peppermint tea

 Hershey's Bliss Dark Chocolate melting in your mouth

 A dish of President’s Choice Chocolate Fudge Crackle Ice Cream

 Relaxing on the deck with my morning coffee and a good book

 Surveying a room after I have spent the day house cleaning and seeing everything clean and in its place

 Crawling into bed with clean linens

 Cuddling under a quilt with a cool breeze blowing in the window

 Knowing my family is all safely at home during a storm

 The feeling I get after my grandson’s spontaneous hug of greeting

 When I'm out walking in the woods, especially near the river (with my dog 'cause seeing her enjoyment of the walk definitely adds to mine), and my brain quiets down enough for me to just enjoy the beauty around me ~ then it feels like life is good and everything's okay, I can breathe; and God is near.

 When my kids are really actually loving each other, or someone who needs it

 When the house is quiet (and clean!) and I don't feel lonely, just relaxed

 A really good hair and face day

 Watching my children do something kind or caring, or that they excel at or love -- then I know I'm doing something right as a parent; seeing them become the person God made them to be

 Good sex

 Watching the two people I love most – my daughter sleeping peacefully on her daddy’s chest, with her ear laying right over his heart

 Everyone sleeping peacefully

 Cheese is right up there

 Watching my children play and laugh -- Seeing my husband being attacked by our children

 Watching a glorious sunrise

 Visiting with good friends

 Knowing God is in control over everything

 Knowing I am deeply loved just as I am

 Long, leisurely walks with a dear friend

 Looking up at the stars at night

 Quiet moments with God

 Good questions with insightful answers


Anonymous said...

I love, love this! So many of them echo the many things that also make me feel content. (Have to add to the climbing into bed with clean linens ~ even better if I've just bathed and shaved my legs, and have on clean pjs.) Thanks for posting these ~ and for asking. It's such a great reminder that there are so many little (and big) joys in our lives.

Linda said...

Yes I love them all! It's so neat to see we really are all wanting and loving the same things and are so connected in just being women :)