Wednesday, July 25

The Secret of God

I (believe) in love not because it (is) an alternative to hate.
Love has no alternatives.

Love is all there is.

Love is the only truth of God that matters.
Love is the occupation of God, His sole employment.

There is no use asking if the human race matters.
To choose to love is to take up the occupation of God.

To love like God is to take prejudices and hatreds and hold them in your hands and confess that they are of no consequence.
Only love counts.

Every other emotion is too small to matter.

Love lives.
Now and

No other emotion is granted pulse or breath in the courts of God.
All other attitudes are dying or already dead.

Life is love.

Death is the illusion.
It is a trick played by demons in shadows.
Death is the farce of hate, a shabby play set in a dingy theater.

(Understand) the greatest secret of God:
You cannot serve people nor save them without loving them.

You cannot practice your animosities while you are trying to save the dying.
You must presume that the dying are worth saving because they are human and in need.

~ Calvin Miller, The Book of Seven Truths ~

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