Monday, June 29

Happy Almost-Canada-Day

Put a Pin in it

I'm learning that:
  • making a choice to change your dream for the future is really scary, but it brings peace, too.
  • raspberry plants can't stand up to digging dogs.
  • nobody thirty or older is managing our long winters with any sort of good humor.
  • everybody gets the schedule wrong sometimes. Some of us do so more than others.
  • prayer is a simple and complex intimacy. Belief, likewise.
  • the ice cream truck always comes at bed time.
  • relationships are hard. They don't have to be, but they are anyway.
  • mercy looks like weakness to an angry world.
  • teenagers are laugh-out-loud funny most of the time.
  • we need each other like we need oxygen, water, bread...M&M's
  • spiders are frighteningly adaptable...and teensy enough to get in anywhere, anytime.
  • many well-laid fire pit plans are undone by bossy prairie winds.